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Playing in online casinos is becoming more and more of a great habit for many fans. The world in a significant evolution in recent years, but it obviously has rules to respect and comply with. In fact, you cannot ignore the terms and conditions of play, which every online gambling portal submits to its customers and must be viewed in detail to avoid bad surprises. In reality, most online casinos require ID verification, or at least some sort of identity verification, in order to start using their services. 

‘Among the rules to be observed, there is also the one concerning the request for online casino documents, which often send bettors into tilt’’ These do not know what to do for’‘fear’ of scams. In this article, we try to explain in detail why online casinos require these documents.’Among the rules to be observed, there is also the one concerning the request for online casino documents, which often send bettors into ‘tilt.’ These do not know what to do for ‘fear’ of scams. In this article, we explain in detail why online casinos require these documents. If you like to gamble without providing any personal details, then you would be happy to know that we have gathered a list of some of the best online casinos to play without ID. The fun is guaranteed!

Reasons for the many requests for documents when verifying accounts at online casinos

There are various reasons why online casinos request account verification:

KYC process – Know Your Customer

Each gambler knows a bit about KYC. One of the main reasons for verification is KYC. KYC is the abbreviation for “Know Your Customer.” Some websites have been suspected of facilitating money laundering or financing illegal activities such as terrorism. Let’s take, for instance, if someone opens an account at the casino; he pays into this casino account with Paysafe cards that he bought anonymously at the gas station or perhaps even in portals on the Internet. However, he does not send the winnings to his account but to that of another person. The origin of the funds is already obscured, the money laundered. The KYC team might ask for your ID, driving license, or passport before or upon withdrawal. The casinos must register each new customer with the gambling commission. That’s why underage gambling is frowned upon, and gambling sites do everything they will to avoid it.

Gambling addicts, minors, and countries with gambling bans

In addition, casinos also have a duty of care toward their customers. Gambling addicts or minors are to be denied access. It is also essential to ensure that the laws of the country from which customers try to use a casino are complied with. Turkey, for example, does not allow gambling at all. To ensure that customers are not playing from Turkey (e.g., through a proxy), casinos can request documents in suspicious cases.

Payment verification

It is also essential to only use payment methods in your name. Whether PayPal, credit card, or Skrill account: Casino players should never deposit or withdraw using payment methods not in their own name. In such cases, many casinos have simply closed the accounts and withheld the money. This is legally a gray area, but even the big casino portals have rarely managed to win back customers’ credit balances. Engaging a lawyer does not usually bring much either, but it leads to even higher costs. Make sure you verify your identity before placing a bet. This way, you can play your favorite casino games as a new player, and get some amazing bonuses.

Online casino verification to prevent chargebacks

But why do casinos need to verify payments at all? In addition to KYC, an important reason is the so-called chargebacks. The customer initiates a chargeback. This can be done quickly, especially with PayPal buyer protection. For example, a customer deposited $100 online, won nothing, and then gambled away the bonus. The frustration was high, so they contacted PayPal to request a refund. The same also applies to deposits made by credit card, provided they were not 3D-Secure, as well as with SOFORT transfer and giropay. A phone call to the bank and the amount will be credited back to your account. By sending your documents as a customer, online casinos and other gambling operators can better defend chargebacks against the bank.

Multi accounts

With document requests, casinos can also prevent double accounts or multi-accounts. You should never open a second account at the same casino. This could result in your winnings being voided or your funds being forfeited. If you are unsure whether you already have an account at a casino, contact their customer support first.

Abuse of bonus promotions

Another reason for the casinos’ document verification is the increasing abuse of bonus campaigns. Admittedly, it is also tempting to take advantage of a welcome bonus several times. But with the documents, this is made more difficult. Please don’t even think of opening accounts from the same IP for your roommates or other family members – this can also go haywire. Incidentally, even computers can be identified using the MAC address, which is unique to every PC.

However, since there are many good online casinos with free starting credit and free spins, double accounts make no sense.

Differences in IP addresses, new payment methods, general abnormalities

Almost every casino has its own security department, usually referred to as the Risk & Fraud Department. These monitor all account activity. If you suddenly top up your account within two days with five different credit cards after you have deposited a maximum of 10 $ via Paysafecard over two years, you should not be surprised if the alarm bells suddenly go off at the casino.

Criminal activities

There are also online fraudsters who use identity theft to professionally misuse bonuses and use stolen means of payment. There are hundreds of thousands of credit card details that can be bought for little money on the dark web. The potential damage can quickly ruin a casino.


If you play regularly at online casinos, sooner or later, you will need to provide proof of address. Proof of address in the casino is a necessity that you can hardly avoid in the long run. Even if you always play with small amounts and only make small profits, a casino may require verification of your customer data before a payout. But at the latest, when you win big, for example, through a lucrative bonus, you have to prove your identity. The best online gambling sites in 2023 can be found on our page. If you to avoid the annoying and lengthy casino KYC verification process, and don’t feel like sharing your ID or passport, simply visit our dedicated lists. 

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