Terms & Conditions

General Conditions

Contract parties, topic content, and scope

1. The provision of information services united by the nocasino.online trademark is the subject of this contract. nocasino.online is the trademark under which the nocasino.online trading company manages, maintains, and creates the websites that are displayed when a user clicks on a button with a link to nocasino.online information. The websites that are grouped together under the same trademark (TM) nocasino.online were either independently developed by nocasino.online or were contracted out to third parties by nocasino.online.

2. The legal entity nocasino.online, acting as a service provider and/or as a valid party by virtue of a contractual agreement with a partner, and you as a user who has visited the nocasino.online Website is the parties to this Agreement. Any individual that NoCasino.online has a contractual connection and who is permitted to share further information is referred to as a “Partner.”

3. This Agreement, is legally enforceable and binds nocasino.online (us) and you as parties governs your use of the information services made available under the nocasino.online TM trademark. Unless we have made additional arrangements, these terms and conditions are always a basic requirement of our Agreement with you. Your Agreement with us also covers any other conditions, including any formal announcements or additions made by nocasino.online that are pertinent to the terms of use. These extra terms may include different rules of the websites grouped under the TM nocasino.online. You may review any unique or extra terms and conditions that may apply to a service on the Website that offers the service. It is your duty to familiarize yourself with the unique rules before using the relevant service.

4. You and nocasino.online have a binding contract with regard to the use of the Services that is governed by the terms and conditions of this Agreement and any additional terms and conditions. You should spend the time to read them thoroughly

5. You are assumed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions and this Agreement’s terms by your use of the Sites amalgamated with TM nocasino.online.

6. Nocasino.online offers access to its services through the World Wide Web, PDA, mobile networks, and RSS feeds. These Terms and Conditions shall have equal legal weight and shall be equally binding on the parties regardless of the technological means and method of access.


The General Terms and Conditions may be unilaterally updated by nocasino.online insofar as the Services offered by nocasino.online are diversified, continuously supplemented, and modified with a view to their improvement and extension, as well as in conjunction with legal changes. By posting the modifications on the Website, nocasino.online is required to notify the USER of the changes made. After the revised Terms and Conditions are published, nocasino.online will give the USER seven days to familiarize himself with them.


In order to utilize the services offered by nocasino.online, the USER must supply the client equipment and Internet connectivity required. Subject to the terms and restrictions and access requirements established by nocasino.online for each specific service, the USER is entitled to online access to the Services supplied through the Website for his or her own use. The USER agrees not to use, copy, or distribute any material published on the Website for any profit-making endeavor. The USER agrees not to transmit or otherwise make accessible to third parties any information while using the Website that is: – Illegal, contains violence (including violence against animals); incites violence, or contains threats. Offensive due to sexual orientation, gender, or religion.

– Writings that are discriminatory and conspiratorial based on gender, race, age, and religion, as well as texts that encourage racism or other anti-democratic ideologies, such as advocating terrorist acts. Pornographic and sexually explicit material. Constituting a business or governmental secret.

The USER agrees to the following when using the services offered: – a). To abide by Bulgarian law, applicable foreign law, these General Terms and Conditions, Internet etiquette, rules of morality, and good manners; – ). Not to infringe on the property or non-property rights and interests of others.


To provide users of the nocasino.online Website better, higher-quality, and more diverse services, nocasino.online processes their personal data. Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and Bulgarian law serve as the foundation for the personal data protection policy (“Regulation”). Any information pertaining to you that may be used to identify you is considered personal data under the Regulation. Any action that may be taken on personal data (“Processing”), whether automatically or by other methods, is referred to as processing.

1. Groups of people whose information is processed and how their data is being processed: Nocasino.online processes information about the following people in connection with the services offered: (a) natural persons, website users who have registered; (b) website users who use the site without registering; (c) people who have sent nocasino.online a complaint, alert, complaint, or other correspondence; and (d) people whose information is contained in complaints, alerts, complaints, or other correspondence to nocasino.online

2. Information that nocasino.online processes in relation to the services it offers a) Personal information. By registering on the nocasino.online Website, you grant nocasino.online permission to handle your personal information, including your name, email address, and password. In addition, the date, time, and IP address of the registration and acceptance of the terms for processing personal data are saved.

Traffic information

To deliver its services, nocasino.opline utilizes cookies and traffic data. Date, time, IP address, URL, browser, and device information are examples of this kind of data. A thorough explanation of the cookies used and their function is also available here.

Other data

When offering its services, nocasino.online may additionally handle other personal data, such as name, email address, username, access to a bookmaker’s Website, visits by time and IP address, and submission of a complaint, alert, complaint, or other communication. Without processing the aforementioned fundamental personal, traffic, and other data, nocasino.online would be unable to provide its services.

Your legal rights about how your personal data is processed.


You have the right to request the following information: confirmation that data relating to you is being processed; details on the categories and purposes for which data are being processed; and communication in an understandable format containing the personal data being processed about you and any information that is known about its source.

Rectification: You have the right to ask us to remove, rectify, or block any of your personal data that is being processed in a manner that does not abide by the law at any time if it is incomplete, inaccurate, or otherwise unreliable;

Right to object: If there is a legal basis for the processing of your personal data, you have the right to object at any time; if your objection is well-founded, the processing of your personal data may be stopped;

Right to limit processing: You have the right to ask that the processing of your personal data be limited in the following situations: if you contest the accuracy of the data for the time necessary for us to verify it; if the processing is unlawful, but you don’t want it deleted; if we no longer need the data (for the purpose for which it was collected), but you need it to make, exercise, or defend legal claims; or if you have objected to the processing.

Right to data portability: If we treat your personal data in line with your permission, which you may later withdraw, or if the processing is automated, you have the right to request that we send it to you in an organized, ordered, structured, and generally accepted electronic format.

Right of appeal: If you think we’ve broken the law, please get in touch with us at the address shown below so we can clear things up.

You also have the option to file a complaint with the Data Protection Commission, and starting on May 25, 2018, you will also be able to do so with an EU regulatory body.

Requests for access to information or correction must be made in person, by a representative you have specifically authorized, or by a power of attorney with a notarized signature. In compliance with the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, an application may also be submitted electronically.

Within 14 days of receiving your request, we will respond to it. This time may be extended to 30 days if a longer period is genuinely required to gather all the requested data, and doing so substantially impedes our work. We give or deny access and/or the information sought by the applicant with a justifiable judgment.


The websites that are included as links on our Website are just provided for your convenience. If you click on these links, a new browser window will appear with the new websites. The third-party websites have not been examined by us, we have no control over them, and we are not liable for their content. Any information, materials, or goods you see on third-party websites are not our responsibility, and we neither promote them nor make any claims in their favor. You only assume all risks if you opt to access a third-party website.

SECURITY OF THE SITE: You are not permitted to violate or try to violate the site’s security. The efforts listed below are examples of such attempts but are not all of them:

a) Logging onto a server or account that you are not permitted to access or accessing data that is not intended for you.

c) Attempting to obstruct another user, host, or network’s ability to access its services, including but not limited to delivering a virus, flooding, producing spam, etc.

d) Sending unwanted emails with advertising for goods and services.

e) Falsifying any portion of the header information in emails or newsgroups, including the TCP/IP packet header.

System and network security violations might lead to legal or criminal responsibility. Cases of suspected infractions will be looked into, and the proper authorities will be notified. In their investigation of users who are allegedly responsible for such hostile conduct, we will completely collaborate with them. You acknowledge that you will not try to interfere with the normal functioning of the Website or any other activity associated with it by using any equipment, software, or other methods. Aside from the search agents, we make available on our site or generally accessible third-party browsers like Netscape, Navigator, or Microsoft Explorer. You also agree not to use or attempt to use any machines, software, tools agents, or other devices or mechanisms (such as browsers, spiders, robots, avatars, etc.) to navigate or operate the site.

Enrollment and Privacy

1. Users must register in order to access certain areas of the nocasino.online websites. When completing the registration form, you must provide a working email address, choose an available username, create a password, and maybe additional details needed to utilize the specific service. You are presumed to have explicitly accepted these terms of use and any applicable special conditions of use by completing the registration form and clicking the “confirm” or “accept” instructions. By sending an email or setting up a mobile phone notification, you may subscribe to any of the information services offered. This counts as a legal registration and binds you to the terms and conditions just as filling out a registration form would

2. You agree to give honest, accurate, and truthful information on the registration form. Your username, password, and email address are unique to you and cannot be used by anyone else to access the registration areas for any specific site on the nocasino.online Sites. If the administrator discovers that your username is already in use, they will suggest alternate options until the system accepts your username and password. You agree to use your registered account to access the information services, to keep your username and password confidential, and to avoid attempting to impersonate another user. You agree to make any required modifications to the information associated with your registration when the site administrator of nocasino.online sends you a message asking you to do so.

3. By registering on a nocasino.online Website, you authorize the website owner to act as the data controller and retain and use the personal information you willingly supply. We recognize how crucial it is to keep your personal information secure. You can learn more about the types of personal information we receive and collect when you use any of the nocasino.online sites, as well as how we safeguard that information from other parties here.

4. Nocasino.online pledges to provide you with dependable technological tools and methods for the data you gave us by filling out the registration form and including personal information. Only requests for information from public authorities or officials who are legally permitted to seek and collect information, including personal data, as well as requests that follow the prescribed process, will be granted permission for disclosure.

5. Nocasino.online may share the facts it has gathered about website visitors with advertisers and ad networks that track clicks on their banner ads and links in order to compile internal data and for direct marketing reasons (its own and its Partners).

6. The User consents to the use of his personal data for direct marketing purposes by accepting these Terms and Conditions. By sending us a written note at the address or email address shown for contact, the User has the right to object to the processing of his or her personal data for direct marketing purposes.


The consequences, including any damages resulting from or in any way linked with access to, use of, or inability to utilize the nocasino.online Sites are not nocasino.online’s responsibility. The information on the Website is all supplied in conformity with existing Bulgarian law, but nocasino.online makes no representations or warranties as to its integrity or protection against harmful attacks from outside parties. The information (including its completeness and reliability) contained in websites to which the nocasino.online Sites link; the subjective perception and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness, and usefulness of the information resources of the nocasino.online sites, and the content of images, pictures, text, documents, and other information generated by users on the nocasino.online Sites are all subject to removal and/or modification at any time and in its sole discretion.


You consent to defend, hold harmless, and indemnify our company/website, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and their successors and assigns from and against any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, resulting from or arising out of claims based on your actions or inactions that may endanger our site’s reputation or put it in danger of liability to third parties. This includes, but is not limited to, breach of warranties, representations, undertakings, or other acts constituting a breach of your obligations under these Terms and Conditions or violating applicable laws and regulations, such as intellectual property rights, payment of required dues and taxes, claims for defamation and breach of privacy or publicity rights, restriction of services to other users, infringement of intellectual property rights, et cetera. The User Agreements and the Terms and Conditions’ termination or expiry will not affect this provision.

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