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The Top Prepaid Cards for Online Gambling and Online Casinos in 2023

There are many choices available when it comes to financing your online casino account. The usage of prepaid cards is one option that is growing in popularity. Prepaid cards are a terrific alternative for casino players since they have many benefits over other forms of payment. Most retail establishments sell prepaid cards, which may be used to make deposits at a number of online casinos.

What is a prepaid card

A prepaid card is not connected to a bank account as a debit card is. Typically, when you use a prepaid card, you are deducting funds from the card that you have previously loaded. A prepaid card is not tied to a checking account or shared draft account at a bank or credit union. Instead, you are using funds that you already loaded into the prepaid card. This process is referred to as “loading money into the card.” In most circumstances, you are only able to spend the amount that has been placed onto your prepaid card. When using a checking account for certain purposes or a bank account debit card, if you have “opted in” to your bank’s overdraft program, the excess may occur. This implies that if you use an ATM or make a transaction that costs more than you have in your account, your bank may charge you a fee. You will also be required to pay back the overdraft by your bank.

Using prepaid cards: safety and security

Because gamblers often do not divulge any personal or credit card information when using prepaid cards to make purchases online, they are regarded as the safest payment method available. The card number is the only information that the retailer or gaming operator may see. Additionally, most banks and other card issuers, as well as the majority of the biggest online gambling operators, use top-notch security measures to thwart fraudulent actions. Their websites are fully encrypted with SSL, and only after two- or three-factor authentication using user IDs, passwords, PINs, verification codes, and other methods are transactions performed. The security code or PIN may be sent to your phone through text message even if you buy a virtual prepaid voucher online. Prepaid and gift card options are wonderful, and we cannot deny that. Load funds onto the card and start having fun right away by selecting a casino from our list.

Why use prepaid cards for online gambling

Protecting your privacy and personal information is one of the benefits of using prepaid cards at online casinos. Privacy is the main justification for utilizing prepaid cards at online casinos. Due to the fact that you may use prepaid cards up to a certain amount, often between $3,000 and $10,000, without disclosing any personal information, they are the greatest option for secure online purchases. The gaming site will only have access to your card number when you make a deposit; it will not have access to your name or any other personal information. Prepaid cards also come with advantageous rates and limitations. There are several denominations available for prepaid cards. From $5 to several thousand dollars, you may purchase cards. When making a purchase, these cards provide you instant access to the funds stored on the card. For the majority of prepaid cards, the highest allowable denomination is between $200 and $500.

Where can I buy a prepaid card

Both physical stores and internet merchants offer prepaid cards for sale. Even better, you can get one from the grocery store along with your milk and eggs! You may buy these cards from certain casino operators’ prepaid card casinos through the cashier area of their websites. While Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards are widely available at stores, many banks also provide them. Prepaid credit cards are also available for purchase online directly from card issuers at sites like Choose your card’s value, charge it using your chosen means of payment, and then get your pin.

What types of prepaid cards are there

For new players, depositing money into an online casino may be a difficult procedure, particularly if they do not yet have a payment mechanism set up. Fortunately, there are many prepaid card payment methods available, allowing for rapid and safe transactions. Because they don’t involve opening a bank account and the money can be loaded virtually instantly, prepaid cards are an excellent option to fund an online casino account.

To make the greatest decision, it’s essential to comprehend the various prepaid card options offered by online casinos. We’ll go through the many prepaid card varieties offered by online casinos and how to utilize them. Along with any possible disadvantages, we will also highlight some of the benefits of utilizing prepaid cards for deposits at online casinos. Here is a list of some of the best prepaid cards that work at online casinos.

  • Prepaid Visa Card: Due to its high clearing rate and simplicity, the Visa Prepaid Card is unquestionably a great alternative for online gaming. You have the option of buying a gift card for one-time use or a re-loadable card.
  • Prepaid American Express Card: Gamblers have a lot of faith in American Express as a dependable and well-known payment option. A variety of prepaid and gift card alternatives are offered by the business, all of which may be used for online gaming. The clearance rate is high, yet it may differ depending on the state in which you live. You should be aware that prepaid cards include a minor monthly cost of $6.95 to $7.95.
  • Play+ Reloadable Card: In our list of prepaid cards that are suitable for online gambling, Play+ fits in flawlessly. As the company’s tagline implies, Play+ is “the cashless way to play.” Every state in the US has regulations. According to the provider, Play+ is a reloadable account that is FDIC-insured and can be used for both online and sports betting.
  • Prepaid Neteller Card: In an effort to provide customers with more protection, security, and an easy way to complete transactions, Neteller has recently entered the market for prepaid cards. You can fuel your gaming experience with the Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard without providing too much financial and personal information. The virtual card increases convenience by removing the requirement for a real transaction. Your first Net+ Virtual Prepaid MasterCard is free, and each subsequent card costs $3. Remember that your Net+ Virtual card cannot yet be used to withdraw cash from an ATM. This option could be made accessible in the future.
  • Paysafecard: The 16-digit PIN code on each Paysafecard voucher is used to make deposits into your gaming account. While Paysafecard emphasizes utilizing retail sales points to purchase a voucher, you may always use the online to see the amount of your prepaid card. You may purchase $10, $25, $50, or $100 Paysafecard gift cards.
  • Skrill Prepaid Card: One of the finest prepaid cards for online gambling, the Skrill Prepaid MasterCard offers a simple method of making payments online. With Skrill, you can buy your prepaid card online and have it sent right to your house, unlike other prepaid cards that need you to make a physical transaction. Typically, delivery takes 7 to 10 business days.
  • Prepaid Neosurf Card: You may get prepaid cards from Neosurf in a safe and secure manner to use for all of your online shopping. With coverage of all major online gaming markets, including those in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia, Neosurf provides services to a wide geographic region. You may quickly make purchases and fund your online accounts using the payment option in a safe and secure manner.
  • ecoVirtualcard x EcoPayz: Simply choose the ecoVirtualcard to make purchases, fill up your bankroll, and actively participate in your preferred casino games and sports betting tournaments without providing financial information to a casino or a sportsbook.
  • Voucher for Flexepin: The card has a 16-digit number, much like Paysafecard, so you can always fill your account securely and successfully. To make a payment using a Flexepin Voucher.

Prepaid cards of this type can be found really easy, loaded and used at one of the best prepaid card casinos from our list.

Prepaid Cards casino bonuses

Every reputable casino welcomes new clients and sometimes rewards old ones by giving them a bonus of some kind. The Free Spins bonus, Welcome Bonus, and of course, the all-time favorite No Deposit Bonus, where you may earn real money without having to deposit even a dime, are among the most popular and desired bonuses by gamblers. Prepaid cards that work for online casinos are a wonderful way for any type of player to stay anonymous and keep control of their funds. Our list of casinos accepts prepaid visa cards, visa credit, use even a visa gift card, if you will. It is all up to you. We have you all covered. What a fantastic thing!

Never neglect to read the Terms and Conditions chapter on any gaming website; here is where they normally outline all the guidelines you must adhere to in order to collect bonuses properly. Take charge of your online gambling activities, have a positive outlook, and research the background of any online casino you want to register with on Google. You’ll quickly discover how well this tactic works. Like anything involving “real money practice,” online gambling incentives should be treated cautiously and intelligently. Depends on the online casino. As we already said, never the less our list of casino sites that accept prepaid cards is fair and does not have any hidden rules or requirements.

How to deposit with prepaid cards

Funding a prepaid card is done primarily so you may use it to deposit money into an online casino account. This might be to add funds for bets or to buy gold packets. If you’ve already used debit or credit cards at online casinos, the process won’t be unfamiliar to you. The simple actions you may take are outlined below:

  • Get a prepaid card from your selected provider first.
  • Use a method of your choice to top up your prepaid card.
  • Go to the online casino and register a new account there.
  • Choose your prepaid card from the list of choices, then enter the card number.
  • Your balance will be updated to reflect your transaction, and you will get a notification that it was successful. Enter the desired deposit amount. Fund your online gambling account with the amount that you wish, and get ready. We would advise you to use one card for all your gambling accounts since it’s easier to keep track of your funds. 
Are there any deposit limits

Similar to ordinary credit and debit cards, prepaid cards have deposit restrictions, with different constraints on the amount that cardholders may load onto the card. This includes the total amount, which with American Express’ Serve accounts may reach $100,000, as well as daily cap limitations, which can vary from $500 to as much as $10,000. In general, using prepaid card at any online casinos on our list have high deposit limits. Make sure you check our selected list of the finest No Deposit online casinos. You will love them.

How to withdraw using prepaid cards

With prepaid cards, wins withdrawal from online casinos is often not an option. A different form of payment will be required for gamblers who want to cash out. The prepaid EntroPay Visa cards, which are connected to an EntroPay account where players may transfer their wins, are one of the rare exceptions.

There are several services like this, and they all function similarly to online wallets. Customers may deposit funds into their online accounts to utilize for both online shopping and casino deposits. They may also ask for a withdrawal from the gaming website to their account, which, if it’s a possibility, would only incur a little or nonexistent charge. This kind of transaction is often processed quickly by casinos; after a waiting time of up to 48 hours, the payment may be processed in a matter of hours.

Are there any fees associated with prepaid card transactions?

Online casinos often don’t impose fees for deposits or withdrawals from player accounts. However, while making deposits, certain payment options, such prepaid cards, generally charge transaction fees. The costs that are charged in these circumstances are heavily influenced by the kind of prepaid card you have opted to use. This is why you should always get acquainted with the terms and conditions as well as any potential costs in advance. If you use the ecoPayz virtual prepaid cards, you may transfer money to your casino account at no cost. However, additional costs could be charged depending on the kind of EcoCard. Each of the four account levels-Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP-offers a separate set of payment terms. For instance, if you have a Silver account, the most you can send in a single transaction is 700. However, if you have a VIP account, the most you can transfer in a single transaction is 1,000. You can visit our list of the best ecoPayz casinos as well as our list of the top online Neteller casinos, they have to offer and what it needs to make you want to come back.

Pros and Cons of using prepaid cards for online gambling

Before you spend any money on prepaid cards for online gambling, you should be aware of all the advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros of  the top online casinos that accept prepaid card deposits.

  • Widely Available – Using a practical solution is simple since there are numerous prepaid cards that are suitable for online gambling. Prepaid cards are among the safest solutions available for use. There is no danger to sensitive information when you use and discard them.
  • Fixed Spending – Because prepaid cards don’t have credit limits, you have control over your spending. Only the amount you deposited into the card is available for gambling.
  • Mobile-Friendly – The majority of prepaid card companies provide mobile applications so you may do tasks quickly while on the go.


  • Prepaid cards have many fans, but there are also drawbacks to using them. Let’s investigate them. Top up your casino account on the go. It is indeed that easy.
  • No Withdrawals – The majority of prepaid cards may be used to finance deposits at online casinos, but you can’t take money out afterward. To accomplish it, you must include a new payment option.
  • Lower Limits – Using a prepaid card to make a large deposit is probably not going to work. The majority of online casinos use this financing option with modest limitations.
  • Limited Bonuses and Promotions – Some bonuses and promotions for online gaming cannot be redeemed with a deposit using a prepaid card.

Prepaid cards are quick, simple, and a fantastic option for making modest payments to online gambling sites, to summarize all the advantages and disadvantages.


Prepaid cards are, in general, the best method to make anonymous, secure, and safe deposits at your preferred online casino operators. They don’t need to be connected to your bank account and are simply re loadable. Naturally, withdrawals from prepaid cards are not supported, so be sure you withdraw money using a different method. Prepaid cards work for online casinos absolutely the same way other cards do. They are simply awesome. You can locate the ideal prepaid card to meet all of your gaming demands if you do your homework and make sensible decisions!

Online gambling with prepaid cards FAQs
How do prepaid cards work at casino sites?

Prepaid cards are a subset of credit and debit cards that resemble them somewhat. Prepaid cards have a predetermined monetary value, which is their primary distinction from credit cards. They are regarded as one of the safest payment options for gambling since no sensitive information has to be entered during the deposit procedure.

What steps are involved in utilizing a prepaid card to finance an account in the best online casinos ?

In general, using a prepaid card to fund a casino account is quite simple since the whole deposit process takes just a few minutes. You should log into your profile and go to the cashier area as soon as possible. After that, just input the desired deposit amount and the card’s unique code after choosing the prepaid card you want to use. The number of numbers or symbols in the code may vary depending on the kind of prepaid card. For instance, you will need to enter a 16-digit PIN number if you decide to utilize Paysafecard. If you want to use a different prepaid card, such EntroPay, you will also need to provide the card’s number and expiry date.

What are the most common prepaid card kinds accepted at online casinos?

Many online casinos accept credit or debit cards, as we know. However, you can also use them to gamble online the following: Re-loadable, disposable, and virtual cards are the three primary prepaid card kinds that have been shown to work well for making deposits online casinos. It is advisable to take your time and thoroughly weigh all available options since each kind has benefits and drawbacks. You may then locate the card that best suits your requirements in this manner.

How long does it take to fund a prepaid card account?

The majority of prepaid cards provide rapid processing, so when you make your request, the money you want to deposit will be ready in a matter of minutes. This is one of the factors contributing to the growing popularity of this type of payment since it allows players to top up their accounts quickly. Prepaid cards allow you to bet whenever you want and obtain high-quality entertainment at the location that is most convenient for you. Online casinos that accept prepaid tend to process their transactions quite fast, so you can start gambling nearly right away.

Are prepaid cards safe to use at online casinos?

Because they are often anonymous, prepaid cards are incredibly safe. They are available at many shops, are simple to use, and handy. Simply because you are not forced to input your bank account information, utilizing them does not expose your financial information to any danger. Online casinos accept prepaid cards only from highly secure companies. Do not worry, you can use your Visa gift card and you can be sure your details are secure. Make your prepaid card deposits now and start having fun.

Are there any potential problems when using prepaid cards to fund your casino account

Online casinos hardly ever have restrictions on the amount of money that players may withdraw or deposit into their gaming accounts. It is usual for anti-money laundering measures to restrict you from using the same method for deposits and withdrawals up to a specific amount. This prevents money from simply being moved from one account to another, with the casino acting as a middleman. The actual restrictions usually come from the payment processors, regardless of whether you use debit cards, gift cards, or play at casinos that accept prepaid cards. Our list of best casinos online is known to be fair and understanding, and each of these internet casinos has the reputation of not causing any issues no matter what online payment you use.

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